Social Justice: 

Being an Active Witness for Peace


A Lawyers Journey


Litigation to Liberation


Civil and 

Human Rights


Lawyers for Demilitarization

and Peace in Korea

Eric brings over 30 years of experience as a human rights lawyer, film producer, author and peacemaker to his law and mediation practice.  In both his legal practice and his community and peacemaking work the goal is to help heal the individual and societal wounds resulting from conflict while breaking down the destructive and ineffective “us vs them” attitudes of the legal and political system.  His experiences around the world and in over thirty years of trial cases brings insight and a healthy perspective to effectively partner with you in securing a just resolution of your conflict. He is author of the newly released memoir Witness: A Lawyers Journey from Litigation to Liberation.  He lectures nationally and internationally to colleges, bar associations and community events. Read More

 Eric Sirotkin


Film, Books and More

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Law School Lecture Series on
Non-Violent Advocacy: Lessons for Surviving
and Thriving in the Legal Profession