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February 17, 1982 - Waste Disposal Plan May Harm Water, Group Says by Nolan Hester 

Albuquerque Journal - Eric Sirotkin, attorney for Southwest RTsearch and Information Center says in discussing shooting of waste into aquifers "There's no reason to make mining regions into national sacrifice areas for future growth..." 


April 22, 1994 - Democracy.       by Eric Sirotkin Albuquerque Tribune 



Labor and Employment in New Mexico: A Complete Desktop Guide to Employment Law Eric Sirotkin (January 1994) Butterworth Publishers Lexis/Nexis  596 p. - A reference to the law, but more importantly a guide to employers and employees on how to inter-relate with one another over conflict. Covers mediation, discipline, dealing with the difficult boss and more.     

ISBN-10: 040925715X    


April 22, 2004 “ Santa Fe Forum Focuses on North Korea” Albuquerque Journal

“When Albuquerque attorneys Jennie Lusk and Eric Sirotkin joined a peace delegation to North Korea last fall, they didn't fully envision how much their interest in the country would grow. Or that they would become the hub of the Korean Peace Project, an international effort to promote understanding between the United States and North Korea….”



Monday, April 18, 2005  "Court: Pacts Not Binding"   By Diane Velasco

Journal Staff Writer

"These agreements are contra-democracy," Sirotkin said. They are set up to prohibit the right to a jury trial, restrict the right to find out facts from employers, and employees don't get anything for limiting their rights, Sirotkin said.


August 13, 2008 - Eric Sirotkin Talk on Ubuntu: Our Human Connection” PeaceHawk Productions 


May 26, 2009  Eric Sirotkin in Seoul - South Africa TRC Experiences and Legal Accountability for Civilian Massacres by the US in the Korean War”





June 2009 “The Right to Peace in Korea: How the State of War in Korea Violates Fundamental Human Rights” by Eric Sirotkin - Presented at the IADL Congress Hanoi, Vietnam



"Committing Poetry in Times of War" screens in Brew City". On Milwaukee 

March 6, 2010

"International human rights attorney Eric Sirotkin will present excerpts from his film, "Committing Poetry in Times of War," along with a dialogue on the power of creativity in free speech and social activism.(This film is) a testament to our creative spirit and an affirmation of the power of creative minds and words," says Sirotkin. "It serves as a path toward transformation and hope in troubling times." 


May 11, 2010 MATC News “Attorney Encourages students to support South Africa.”

Eric Sirotkin, a human rights attorney, hosted a presentation on Thursday, March 18, 2010, at 2:30 p.m. at the Mequon Campus to encourage students to be more creative in social change as they move toward their career paths and everyday lives.



"Peace in Korea" - Law and Disorder Radio Interview with Eric SIrotkin May 31, 2010


May 30, 2012 “US boots on North Korean Soil? “


Eric Sirotkin from the National Campaign to End the Korean War claims that the US has always been using the threat of a rogue North Korea to serve its ends.


"We tend to make out the threat of a very violent and fearful situation in North Korea to serve other ends, to serve a large military base pointing to China on Jeju Island, to serve maintaining so many troops occupying South Korea. There are a lot of reasons we would like to maintain that edge there," he says.


Sirotkin notes that such an operation would be a violation of the 1953 Armistice Agreement, which was already been breached by not removing all foreign troops from the Korean Peninsula.


"The Armistice Agreement is a faulty document -- it hasn't really maintained the peace."


This leads to increased distrust, builds the rhetoric on both sides and makes a climate of discussion and dialogue more difficult, he maintains.



"This type of mistrust is the exact reason that we need dialogue," he concludes.


Eric Sirotkin Interview on RT TV July 2012


Finding a Definition for Peace

July 12, 2012


A discussion with Eric Sirotkin on Reframing Peace

Eric Sirotkin is a human rights lawyer and peace advocate having done extensive work in South Africa, Korea, and the United States supporting peaceful movements and peace education. His time in South Africa in particular opened his eyes to the idea of “ubuntu” a philosophy of human connectedness….” 





Discussion: A Path to Peace in North Korea September 25, 2012


“Yesterday, the University of Denver Sturm College of Law hosted Eric Sirotkin, a widely regarded peacebuilder and mediator who has worked to resolve conflict in the Koreas and South Africa (to name just a few).  Earlier this year, he presented a Peace Conference hosted by the North Korean government.  He created a twelve-step plan to end the conflict in the Korean Peninsula... (Sirotkin said “The trick is to move beyond the “bad” North Korean and the “good” South Korea to negotiate while understanding the other side’s position.  To this effect, the West needs to shift its negotiation structure to recognize the cultural underpinnings of North Korea and address that state as a co-equal state on the international playing field.” 


“International Human Rights Attorney Eric Sirotkin Speaks Oct. 22 at Gonzaga University School of Law

October 9, 2012


“SPOKANE, Wash. – Eric Sirotkin, an international human rights attorney who works with the Truth and Reconciliation Commissions in South Africa and Korea and gained widespread public attention with his award-winning film “Committing Poetry in Times of War,” will present two lectures at Gonzaga University School of Law on Monday, Oct. 22….Sirotkin’s visit is co-sponsored by the Gonzaga Journal of International Law, the International Law Society, the National Lawyers Guild, the Student Bar Association Diversity Committee, and the SBA Alliance for Social Justice to launch Public Interest Week and is also part of the Gonzaga University School of Law’s Centennial Celebration."


:North Korean Rocket Launch Condemned” The European Union Times December 12, 2012

“The launch is the means for North Korea to prove they’re not lagging behind in terms of technology, Eric Sirotkin, lawyer and peacemaker, told RT.

“They believe in their sovereignty and speak about it all the time and consequently they felt that the launch of this missile, if you will, or the satellite was an effort to show that they are highly sophisticated technical nation….“I am afraid that the United States is going to step back, talk less, isolate more… And it is really necessary that we not overreact to this launching of a satellite, but that we say this is a cause and a reason to sit down finally and put an end to this war,” lawyer and peacemaker Sirotkin pointed out.”



“Truth, Reconciliation and Empathic Civilization” By Janet Eastman

 Feb 6, 2013  Ashland Daily Tidings

Sirotkin said "Too often people have lost hope in a new way of relating in our world. By drawing on both the successes and struggles of the Truth and Reconciliation process, as well as the lessons about “Ubuntu” learned n South Africa, we are filled with the feeling that we can thrive as a planet…."


“N. Korea threatens 'aggressors' with preemptive strike, UNSC backs new sanctions” 

March 8, 2013 - Television Commentary with Eric Sirotkin


“Eric Sirotkin: Sanctions are a Weapon of War” March 8, 2013 with Commentary by others “I strongly endorse Eric Sirotkin’s position. Sanctions are reprehensible. How can depriving the innocent and needy of essential foods and medicines win “hearts and minds?” It would be ludicrous if it were not so criminal.He is absolutely right, when are we going to grow up, and get beyond this childish schizoid politics? We must think the unthinkable.”


“Fabricated War Pretext, Rising Tensions: Seoul Confirms that N. Korea Missiles do not Target the US” April 4, 2013

“Eric Sirotkin, co-founder of the campaign to end the Korean War who personally visited North Korea told RT that, “The problem is when you put tens of thousands of the US and South Korean troops off the shores of North Korea, surrounding it in the water, running military exercises, shooting live ammunition, engaging in this kind of conflict – you have the North upset and talking nuclear weapons. You have a volatile situation and anything could go wrong.”



"Memories of Mandela"  December 7, 2013 "When Ashland peace mediator and human rights attorney Eric Sirotkin worked as an observer of South Africa’s first post-apartheid election, he saw in Nelson Mandela a rare leader “willing to embrace people, accept change and forgive deeply from the heart.”

Sirotkin worked on assuring a free and fair 1994 election, he says, teaching people in voting booths how to use a ballot for the first time and settling disputes in the days and months before voting, to help ensure a peaceful process...." 


"Presentation to the City Council for a Culture of Peace Commission by Eric Sirotkin." February 2, 2015.


"Ashland Culture of Peace Commission Creates and Infrastructure for Peace"

 September 22, 2015 Ashland Daily Tidings by John Darling


 ..."The commission will “identify the pressure points in the community (and use) people with nonviolent communication and compassionate listening skills,” said Eric Sirotkin, a peace mediator and human rights lawyer who was an observer in South Africa’s first post-apartheid election. He is legal counsel for the group, which shares his office in Ashland.The group will “build relationships,” for example, in helping a resident bring an issue to the City Council, narrowing and focusing the matter to best communicate it, he said." 


"Ashland Culture of Peace Commission: Nurturing a Sustainable Culture of Peace." by Eric Sirotkin Ashland Daily Tidings July 18, 2016


"When I was young, my father would read me “The Story of Ferdinand,” about a bull who was more content lounging in the field, staring at daisies, than bullfighting. For me, growing up in a Cold War under the constant threat of nuclear annihilation, Ferdinand modeled a peaceful way of being. He refused to accept that he was supposed to fight. But years later, with climate change threatening the planet, I’m left wondering where the peaceful bull fits when the daisies are dying.


In founding the Ashland Culture of Peace Commission, we felt that to create a true culture of peace, we needed to examine our relationship not only to each other, but also to the natural world. This is rooted in the understanding that we are all connected and that violence toward one another, or toward the planet, creates a culture of violence toward us all...." 


“Former Ashland Hopes to Help Ease Tensions Between US and North Korea” Mail Tribune July 11, 2017

“Former Ashlander and civil rights lawyer Eric Sirotkin is forming a cadre of progressive lawyers to help create relationships, mediation and constructive dialogue between conflicting parties on an international level….”



television appearances


August 22, 2017


“US should move From Reaction to Relationship” Interview with Eric Sirotkin August 8, 2017


Caught in a circle of militarism, we have not tried anything new that would show there is creativity and engagement between the US and North Korea, author and human rights attorney Eric Sirotkin says.”



ABQ lawyer-author discusses N. Korea policy in talk today 

August 17, 2017 Albuquerque Journal. By Michael Coleman 

Eric Sirotkin urges formalizing diplomatic relations instead of choosing to 'isolate and ignore '


“Stop the addictive games of war “

By Eric Sirotkin / Albuquerque Author, Human Rights Advocate

Monday, August 28th, Albuquerque Journal 2017 Guest Column


N. Koreans taught from age 3 to expect American invasion”  August 29, 1017

“Currently, the US is engaged in extensive war exercises with South Korea around North Korean territory. So, what we are faced with is a situation in which they are not stepping back. They said there would be a reaction if the US and South Korea – at this very volatile time – held these exercises… Pyongyang is saying ‘we don’t support the war exercises that are going on with tens of thousands of troops along our border.’ So it’s not totally unexpected. – Human rights lawyer Eric Sirotkin”


August 30, 2017 - Interview on Television with Eric SIrotkin - “Inbcreasingly a sore point and we should be able to step back from military exercises…”


September 9, 2017 Interview with Eric Sirotkin 

“This is a step backward, rather than a step forward. We need clear eyes to look at this, to approach this, to listen to dialogue to apply mediation-type principals, and get off your high horse and stop threatening the use of force and nuclear weapons on both sides, which is a violation of international law. There is no military solution to this conflict…”‘US--N--Korea-need-to-grow-up---stop-saber-rattling-with-nuclear-weapons’.ByxVTe72KW.html