June 22, 2018

Sirotkin said in an interview, “Sadly, [the summit] may be set up in this way to please the John Bolton neocon wing as this offers nothing but the peace we agreed to after World War II for all countries of the world in the UN Charter.”

June 11, 2018

Eric Sirotkin tells RT International that the Summit and its success will turn on the forces in each country that may not want peace and the need for activists in all countries to help hold their leaders' feet to the fire for peace. 

June 01, 2018

"Old cold war rhetoric has been driving this for many years...Neo-Cons Bolton trying to create a divisivenesss," Sirotkin says. "Give this President the branding rights and call it the Trump Peace Plan (TPP)." 

June 01, 2018

"Old cold war rhetoric has been driving this for many years...Neo-Cons Bolton trying to create a divisivenesss," Sirotkin says. "Give this President the branding rights and call it the Trump Peace Plan (TPP)." 

May 16, 2018

Eric Sirotkin on RT International from Seoul where he is there with a delegation of US lawyers during the military exercises. 

May 11, 2018

Eric Sirotkin TV Commentary on Iran Nuclear Deal withdrawal and the possibility of making a deal in Korea or around the world. 'What message are we ending to North Korea about the durability of any agreement?" 

Sirotkin discusses the Suspension of War Exercises for North South summit -

April 26, 2018

Eric Sirotkin TV Commentary on the South and North upcoming talks and the suspension of military exercises and propaganda broadcasts. 

Sirotkin Talks with News Outlet on Peace in Korea

March 05, 2018

New York, NY - Sirotkin talks about the prospects for peace. 

February 13, 2018

Eric Sirotkin discusses on RT international the growing split with the US and South Korea over North Korea. 

January 18, 2018

Sirotkin said "...this is an effort to sink the possibility of peace, and try to muddy the waters a bit....The perpetual aspects of this conflict are the continued state of war, which is very financially lucrative for people. There are billions and billions of dollars of weapons involved. There are tens of thousands of US troops, and bases, and posts, and naval fleets, and everything else around Korea. Without that conflict the whole dynamic in North-East Asia changes."

January 08, 2018

“ Trump wanting to take credit for peace in Korea is fine with me. We can call it the Trump peace plan or peace agreement just like ‘Trump Tower’ if it would truly bring peace to the Korean Peninsula and end this dangerous, expensive and sad decades long standoff.”

December 28, 2017

"And my concern is that by dehumanizing it even further and raising the immediate risk factor in the fear of chemical and biological weapons, we begin to grease the path for war." says Sirotkin in an interview on the alleged discovery of Anthrax in a defecting North Korean Soldier. 

December 17, 2017

It's not the North Koreans, but the Americans, who should be put under pressure to resolve the Korean crisis, Eric Sirotkin, human rights attorney and co-founder of Lawyers for Peace and Demilitarization In Korea, told RT. "It becomes necessary for worldwide powers to not merely put pressure on the DPRK (North Korea), but to put pressure on the United States for direct talks, formalizing relations and negotiating a lasting peace. We can talk about the weather if you want". 

December 16, 2017

Author and Human Rights Attorney Eric Sirotkin speaks to RT International on ways in which the parties could meet and discuss peace. 

December 15, 2017

It’s not the North Koreans, but the Americans, who should be put under pressure to resolve the Korean crisis, Eric Sirotkin, human rights attorney and co-founder of Lawyers for Peace and Demilitarization In Korea, told RT. “It becomes necessary for international powers to not merely put pressure on the DPRK (North Korea), but to put pressure on the US for direct talks, formalizing relations and negotiating a lasting peace. These are required obligations under international law and under treaties such as the UN Charter that the US has ratified,” Sirotkin said.

December 13, 2017

“These exercises fuel the flames of an already existing conflict where we are having hundreds of military planes fly along the border with North Korea, this is particularly dangerous. It is really necessary to look seriously at the offer of freezing these military exercises, freezing this nuclear program and engaging in dialogue, something that we have not just seen the North Koreans and Washington getting together on,” author and human rights attorney Eric Sirotkin told RT on Monday.

December 10, 2017

Interview with Eric Sirotkin on the streets of Miami as the U.S. and Japan engage in military exercises in violation of Japan's Article 9 Peace Constitution. 

December 11, 2019

....it is Washington who is refusing to talk, Japan who is saying talking is useless while neither of them has been engaging in talking. That is the deep irony here,” Sirotkin concluded.

December 02, 2019

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un. What can you say? They are lightweights fighting in the heavyweight division while the fate of possibly millions are at risk. Two heads of state trading taunts and insults back and forth like kids in a schoolyard. Trump declared that talking with North Korea is a “waste of time” and threatened to “totally destroy” that country by unleashing “fire and fury like the world has never seen.” The U.S. military has been in South Korea since 1945. There is no peace treaty formally ending the 1950-53 Korean War. Maybe that would be a good place to start. Tensions must be defused. The alternative is catastrophic war.

November 27, 2019

   Eric Sirotkin on Hawaii's preparation for nuclear attack and why it's dangerous to pretend you can survive nuclear attacks, military exercises with hundreds of fighter planes, Jeju Island US nuclear subs, sanctions, China and more. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4cUH7c4J-Yg&feature=youtu.be

November 21, 2017

“The banter about the term terrorism a lot because it gets people afraid. It is the buzz word since the Cold War to justify certain military actions and other actions. But frankly, the designation violates the very law that it said to be based upon, which requires there to be repeated support for state-sponsored international acts of terrorism,” Sirotkin told RT. “By doing that we’re faced with a situation where there is not that kind of evidence against North Korea. We can disagree with their human rights; we can believe in non-proliferation of nuclear weapons but in reality that does not meet the definition.”

October 21, 2017

Global Peace Collective of the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justive Center present a Talk with Eric Sirotkin on How to Have Peace in Korea. Video of the talk and Q & A

Radio News Show with Eric Sirotkin on Finding Peace

October 20, 2017

Here how to have Peace in Korea and within ourselves. Eric is interviewed for Morning news show before his Colorado Tour. 

September 23, 2017

Law enforcement did not interfere with the march, but as a precaution, the National Lawyers Guild provided legal observers and advisors to assist participants as a show of support for the movement. “We’re in a world right now that is divided between us and them, and there’s a real necessity to come together to find peace in the streets, in people’s hearts,” said Eric Sirotkin of the NLG. “Any role that I can play to demonstrate that black lives matter, that we are not a society that needs to demonize people.”

September 22, 2017

TV Commentator and Human Rights Attorney Eric Sirotkin calls threats by Trump are war crimes under international law and explains AGAIN why there is no military option. 

September 18, 2017

“What we are facing is a real failure of diplomacy. Sanctions are not about diplomacy. Sanctions are punitive. Sanctions don’t sit anyone at the table, and they are the unilateral one-sided implementation of a punitive measure. So, the idea that somehow diplomacy had prevailed was a little naïve at the time on the part of the [US] UN ambassador,” Sirotkin told RT.

September 11, 2017

Eric Sirotkin speaks to RT TV news about how sanctions are not diplomacy, talking is the only avenue. Points out the deaths from Iraq Sanctions and how it is the people, often children,  who die. 

September 10, 2017

Eric Sirotkin discusses why there has been no peace in Korea. "Now, months later, the talk about North Korea has returned to size. Is their missile large enough to really reach L.A. or Chicago?  Was that a hydrogen bomb rumbling underground or merely an enhanced standard nuke? Without commenting on the size of our commander-in-chief's hands, the size of North Korea’s hardware has become another in a long string of dangerous, but meaningless distractions that does little to move us toward a durable peace."

September 09, 2017

“This is a step backward, rather than a step forward. We need clear eyes to look at this, to approach this, to listen to dialogue to apply mediation-type principals, and get off your high horse and stop threatening the use of force and nuclear weapons on both sides, which is a violation of international law. There is no military solution to this conflict…”  Eric Sirotkin 

August 30, 2017

 “Increasingly a sore point and we should be able to step back from military exercises…” https://youtu.be/6Fy_t2G6cOs

August 29, 2017

“Currently, the US is engaged in extensive war exercises with South Korea around North Korean territory. So, what we are faced with is a situation in which they are not stepping back. They said there would be a reaction if the US and South Korea – at this very volatile time – held these exercises… Pyongyang is saying ‘we don’t support the war exercises that are going on with tens of thousands of troops along our border.’ So it’s not totally unexpected. – Human rights lawyer Eric Sirotkin”

August 28, 2017

"....Despite knowing the likely reaction of the DPRK, we fail to stop our own behavior in this tug of war and continue to engage in an addictive cycle of muscle flexing and militarism. To prepare for true change in Korea, such as peace and nonproliferation, we must break this cycle of addiction...."

August 21, 2017

  Lawyers for Demilitarization and Peace in Korea, the Ubuntuworks Education Project and the National Lawyers Guild organized a webinar on 21 August featuring human rights lawyer Eric Sirotkin on “everything you wanted to know about Korea but that the US government is afraid you’ll ask.” The full video of the webinar is now available for people who were not able to attend.

August 22, 2017

A North Korean diplomat says preparations are complete for a strike on the US territory of Guam if America "does not act sensibly." RT discussed this with author and human rights attorney Eric Sirotkin.

August 17, 2017

Eric Sirotkin urges formalizing diplomatic relations instead of choosing to 'isolate and ignore

August 08, 2017

Caught in a circle of militarism, we have not tried anything new that would show there is creativity and engagement between the US and North Korea, author and human rights attorney Eric Sirotkin says.”

July 27, 2017

Responding to the Missile Launch of the DPRK Sirotkin talks about how international law and the Peoples Right to Peace requires the parties to stop the threats of war and sit down and negotiate. 

July 11, 2017

“Former Ashlander and civil rights lawyer Eric Sirotkin is forming a cadre of progressive lawyers to help create relationships, mediation and constructive dialogue between conflicting parties on an international level….His recently published book, “Witness: A Lawyer’s Journey from Litigation to Liberation,” details his 12 steps toward peace, understanding and cooperation, one of which is to “let go of the rope” if you are in a tug-of-war.....Sirotkin says, because of the recent threat of nuclear weapons in Pyongyang, “It’s important we break down the ‘us vs. them’ in international affairs, as well as in our individual lives. It’s about being an active witness in the world, instead of a passive victim of circumstances. There are always ways we can connect with one another that are peaceful.”

July 18, 2016

"When I was young, my father would read me “The Story of Ferdinand,” about a bull who was more content lounging in the field, staring at daisies, than bullfighting. For me, growing up in a Cold War under the constant threat of nuclear annihilation, Ferdinand modeled a peaceful way of being. He refused to accept that he was supposed to fight. But years later, with climate change threatening the planet, I’m left wondering where the peaceful bull fits when the daisies are dying....In founding the Ashland Culture of Peace Commission, we felt that to create a true culture of peace, we needed to examine our relationship not only to each other, but also to the natural world. This is rooted in the understanding that we are all connected and that violence toward one another, or toward the planet, creates a culture of violence toward us all...." 

September 22, 2015

 ..."The commission will “identify the pressure points in the community (and use) people with nonviolent communication and compassionate listening skills,” said Eric Sirotkin, a peace mediator and human rights lawyer who was an observer in South Africa’s first post-apartheid election. He is legal counsel for the group, which shares his office in Ashland.The group will “build relationships,” for example, in helping a resident bring an issue to the City Council, narrowing and focusing the matter to best communicate it, he said." 

February 02, 2015

Presentation to the City Council for a Culture of Peace Commission by Eric Sirotkin on behalf of the Ashland Culture of Peace Commission. Why a formal Commission is needed with City support.  

December 07, 2013

 "When Ashland peace mediator and human rights attorney Eric Sirotkin worked as an observer of South Africa’s first post-apartheid election, he saw in Nelson Mandela a rare leader “willing to embrace people, accept change and forgive deeply from the heart... “When Mandela spoke, the world seemed a lot smaller, as if you were in your living room with him,” says Sirotkin. “He would smile and reach out to people and say something so meaningful and rich about how we are all connected, including both the oppressor and the oppressed. We would be amazed how, speaking to people in villages, he just mesmerized them...” Mandela’s central message was Ubuntu. Sirotkin said the philosophy was described to him by Tutu as “the essence of what it means to be human to other people, that what I do to someone else is what I do to myself.”

March 09, 2013

“Really, the sanctions themselves aren’t going to make a huge difference in this conflict, and I think going along with it, whoever knows what gets decided and traded off at the back door of politics,” told RT Eric Sirotkin, co-founder of the National Campaign to End the Korean War.

April 04, 2013

“Eric Sirotkin, co-founder of the campaign to end the Korean War who personally visited North Korea told RT that, “The problem is when you put tens of thousands of the US and South Korean troops off the shores of North Korea, surrounding it in the water, running military exercises, shooting live ammunition, engaging in this kind of conflict – you have the North upset and talking nuclear weapons. You have a volatile situation and anything could go wrong.”

October 09, 2012

“SPOKANE, Wash. – Eric Sirotkin, an international human rights attorney who works with the Truth and Reconciliation Commissions in South Africa and Korea and gained widespread public attention with his award-winning film “Committing Poetry in Times of War,” will present two lectures at Gonzaga University School of Law on Monday, Oct. 22…. Sirotkin’s visit is co-sponsored by the Gonzaga Journal of International Law, the International Law Society, the National Lawyers Guild, the Student Bar Association Diversity Committee, and the SBA Alliance for Social Justice to launch Public Interest Week and is also part of the Gonzaga University School of Law’s Centennial Celebration."

March 08, 2013

Eric Sirotkin: Sanctions Are A Weapon Of War: Role of China in deciding about Nuclear Weapons on its borders. 

July 21, 2012

“The military plays a huge economic role in North Korea – they deal with harvesting the crops, they deal with working on roads. A lot of the employment in North Korea relates to militarism and the military, but it’s a change of attitude that is necessary, and perhaps what we’re beginning to see is that the North Koreans are beginning to understand that that change is necessary not only to engage more with the rest of the world, but to begin to move forward with their own aspirations to be a strong, independent country,” Eric Sirotkin, of the Campaign to End the Korean War, told RT.  

June 26, 2012

War exercises still continue and Sirotkin calls for International Community  to step up and demand peace and for there not to be bees on disputed territories. 

February 06, 2013

In a process he calls “Legal Wellness,” he says conflict can lead to transformation and growth....

July 20, 2012

"Change of message is necessary. It's why when I went there I took a message of transcending hostility...." 

December 12, 2012

“The launch is the means for North Korea to prove they’re not lagging behind in terms of technology, Eric Sirotkin, lawyer and peacemaker, told RT. “They believe in their sovereignty and speak about it all the time and consequently they felt that the launch of this missile, if you will, or the satellite was an effort to show that they are highly sophisticated technical nation….“I am afraid that the United States is going to step back, talk less, isolate more… And it is really necessary that we not overreact to this launching of a satellite, but that we say this is a cause and a reason to sit down finally and put an end to this war,” lawyer and peacemaker Sirotkin pointed out.”

September 25, 2012

“Yesterday, the University of Denver Sturm College of Law hosted Eric Sirotkin, a widely regarded peacebuilder and mediator who has worked to resolve conflict in the Koreas and South Africa (to name just a few).  Earlier this year, he presented a Peace Conference hosted by the North Korean government.  He created a twelve-step plan to end the conflict in the Korean Peninsula... (Sirotkin said “The trick is to move beyond the “bad” North Korean and the “good” South Korea to negotiate while understanding the other side’s position.  To this effect, the West needs to shift its negotiation structure to recognize the cultural underpinnings of North Korea and address that state as a co-equal state on the international playing field.” 

May 30, 2012

Eric Sirotkin from the National Campaign to End the Korean War claims that the US has always been using the threat of a rogue North Korea to serve its ends."We tend to make out the threat of a very violent and fearful situation in North Korea to serve other ends, to serve a large military base pointing to China on Jeju Island, to serve maintaining so many troops occupying South Korea. There are a lot of reasons we would like to maintain that edge there," he says.  Sirotkin notes that such an operation would be a violation of the 1953 Armistice Agreement, which was already been breached by not removing all foreign troops from the Korean Peninsula. "The Armistice Agreement is a faulty document -- it hasn't really maintained the peace."This leads to increased distrust, builds the rhetoric on both sides and makes a climate of discussion and dialogue more difficult, he maintains."This type of mistrust is the exact reason that we need dialogue," he concludes.

July 12, 2012

Eric Sirotkin is a human rights lawyer and peace advocate having done extensive work in South Africa, Korea, and the United States supporting peaceful movements and peace education. His time in South Africa in particular opened his eyes to the idea of “ubuntu” a philosophy of human connectedness….” 

October 22, 2010

"We're all poets," Sirotkin Says, "We need to tap directly into our creativity and express ourselves and more deeply impact change. It demonstrates how one person can empower others." 

May 31, 2010

  • When you look into the history of the conflict, and we are still technically at war, as an armistice doesn’t technically end a war only stops the shooting.

  • These kind of incidences occur because you don’t have a peace regimen to fall back on.

  • There is a very conservative South Korean government. Very hawkish toward the North

  • The intitial report of them torpedoing the boat, there are a lot of questions, there are people who are writing about Tonkin Bay, and thinking about.

  • You have a choice to march toward war or go toward peace.

  • The United States at this point is ramping up the rhetoric.

  • Before this situation with the South and the North, we had a lot more exchanges and things were going in a positive direction.  If you think there’s no exit strategy after Iraq, look at Korea, sixty years later.


May 13, 2010

Eric Sirotkin, a human rights attorney, hosted a presentation on Thursday, March 18, 2010, at 2:30 p.m. at the Mequon Wisconsin Campus to encourage students to be more creative in social change as they move toward their career paths and everyday lives.

March 06, 2010

"International human rights attorney Eric Sirotkin will present excerpts from his film, "Committing Poetry in Times of War," along with a dialogue on the power of creativity in free speech and social activism.(This film is) a testament to our creative spirit and an affirmation of the power of creative minds and words," says Sirotkin. "It serves as a path toward transformation and hope in troubling times." 

August 05, 2009

"After a horrific war in Vietnam, the US and Vietnam exchanged ambassadors and have relations, but in Korea we maintain a war of isolation and separation....Mahatma Gandhi said "there is no way to peace. Peace is the way...." 

June 03, 2009

Paper by Eric Sirotkin presented to the International Association of Democratic Lawyers Congress Hanoi, Vietnam June 2009. "With 2.7 billion people living on less than $2 a day, 1.1 billion lackingdrinking water and over 800 million hungry, we can ill afford to continue the culture of war. These problems can only become resolvable as we see the value of shifting resources from maintaining states of war to truly enforcing the UN Charters call for fundamental human rights that builds peace. Currently the U.S. spends nearly as much in its operations in Korea as the entire UN had for its millennium goals of advancing a human security agenda in health education and human rights. This must change...."

October 01, 2007

"....Peace rarely comes from one giant achievement. It is about a change in the heart of each person. It comes from he sum total of all of our creative force as realized human beings...So live life not as a dissertation, but as a poem...." 

August 13, 2008

 PeaceHawk Productions produced this excerpt on ubuntu from my talk at World Peace Day, Ashland Oregon 2008. 

March 22, 2007

"It shocked me that they were attacking a crowd that was just drumming and singing."  Committing Poetry in Times of War at the East Lansing Film Festival. 

September 05, 2005

Eric Sirotkin at the Confederation of Lawyers in the Asia Pacific (COLAP) Conference Seoul, South Korea - 2005 lamented that Filipino lawyers who get killed are mostly those defending the human rights of the poor and the oppressed.

November 08, 2006

Sirotkin says. "Legal action is always a last resort, but Mr. Gomez also understands that there is a systemic problem [at the DOL], and it's something that needs to be exposed."

April 18, 2005

"These agreements are contra-democracy," Sirotkin said. They are set up to prohibit the right to a jury trial, restrict the right to find out facts from employers, and employees don't get anything for limiting their rights, Sirotkin said."

April 22, 2004

“When Albuquerque attorneys Jennie Lusk and Eric Sirotkin joined a peace delegation to North Korea last fall, they didn't fully envision how much their interest in the country would grow. Or that they would become the hub of the Korean Peace Project, an international effort to promote understanding between the United States and North Korea….”

November 09, 2003

"Attorney Eric Sirotkin wants the North Korean people to know that there are millions of Americans who don't believe aggression is the solution to our problems." 

September 30, 2003

Before embarking on a mission to Pyongyang this week, Eric Sirotkin suggest US policy is partly to blame for tensions int he region and that a change in tone and substance could bring peace to the Korean Peninsula....can we face truth in the eye and see that war as an option has to go the way of the dinosaurs and eight track tapes?.

October 01, 2003

In a lawsuit filed September 15 in New Mexico court, Nevins' attorney Eric Sirotkin (a famed international peace advocate soon to visit North Korea on a fact-finding mission) claimed that Nevins was victimised by the Rio Rancho school administration because one of Nevins's poetry students read over the school's public address system a poem, "Revolution X", which contained witty and barbed criticism of the Bush administration and its war and education policies.


January 01, 1994

A reference book to the law, but more importantly a guide to employers and employees on how to inter-relate with one another over conflict. Covers mediation, discipline, dealing with the difficult boss and more.  Butterworth Publishers Lexis/Nexis  596 p. -   ISBN-10: 040925715X  

July 19, 1982  - Attorney Eric Sirotkin (aka Eric Isbell-Sirotkin) says Group prepared to go to Court if City doesn't live up to its promises to clean up contaminated water. 

February 17, 1982  - Eric Sirotkin, attorney for Southwest Research and Information Center says in discussing shooting of waste into aquifers "There's no reason to make mining regions into national sacrifice areas for future growth..." 

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