Helping clients navigate their conflicts and          profession while enhancing health and well-being

“As a peacemaker the lawyer has a

superior opportunity of being a good man. ”   Abraham Lincoln      

Eric brings his unique experience as a lawyer, peacemaker, group facilitator, coach and mediator to his work. The goal in any mediation, court case or community project is to find the path to reconciliation and create an opportunity to heal the conflict. Eric helps people navigate their conflicts and profession in a way that enhances their well-being and health. He trains lawyers to integrate wellness principles into their practices to benefit both themselves and their clients.


Through his work with the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission and three decades of trial and civil rights work, Eric has worked to break down the us vs them paradigm and engage in actions that reflect our innate interconnected nature. He  brings to his representation of clients, mediations and continuing legal education  programs a powerful process he calls “Legal Wellness” wherein the conflict becomes an opportunity for transformation and growth. 

Over the past thirty four years he has engaged in complex litigation in many cases against major multi-billion dollar corporations, universities and governmental entities at all levels, including Los Alamos National Laboratories, Johnson & Johnson, Honeywell, Sandia National Laboratories, Marriott Corporation, Public Service Company and Gas Company of New Mexico, the former Archbishop of Santa Fe, Media outlets, including Television and radio stations and Newspaper Conglomerates, TRW, Public School Districts and  Raytheon.


Cases have addressed constitutional violations, free apeech rights, discrimination, whistleblower protections, fraud, racketeering, assault and battery, wrongful discharge and breach of contract actions.



My Philosophy



  Despite taking on such major litigation, I have come to believe that even within such struggles we can maintain the higher road. We are becoming increasingly aware, that the survival of humanity depends on our ability to fully understand ourselves and our relationship with one another. This requires developing a healthy approach to both the peace and conflict within ourselves, our families, work, communities and the world. 

 A dispute need not promote the destructive and antiquated notions of  ‘us vs them’ or ‘good vs evil.”  instead it can provide an opportunity for transformation and growth. We all play a part in healing our planet and it begins with being “the change we want to see” in all our relationships - especially the most challenging ones.

 The role  of the lawyer is to counsel the individual regarding his or her relationship to the larger community, and be both a guide and non-violent advocate for his clients’ needs.  But any representation should be respectful and compassionate toward everyone involved in the conflict or legal proceeding as a lawyer should model the way the client had wished they had been treated. A lawsuit should affirm human dignity and heal conflict, not be a battleground for inflicting further wounds, and help the client restore his or her balance and well-being.

As Dr. King said ““Non violent resistance does not seek to defeat or humiliate the opponent, but to win his friendship and awaken a sense of moral shame in the opponents; as the aftermath of non-violence is reconciliation...while the aftermath of violence is bitterness.”  



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