International lectures and workshop by Eric Sirotkin


“The International Criminal Court: The U.S. Attitude of Separation”

 New Delhi, India 


“Hiroshima Makes us Remember” 60th Anniversary Hiroshima Memorial Address,

Paris, France 


“Korea: The New American Century” - International Association of Democratic Lawyers

(IADL)  Congress - Paris France 


“U.S. Obstacles to Peace” - Seoul, South Korea Asian Pacific Lawyers Conference 


“The Horrors of Sinchon can Bring us to Peace”  Sinchon Memorial Speech

Sinchon, DPRK 


“Peace and Reunification in Korea” – International Conference - Lima, Peru 


“Korea and Empire” -  Amsterdam, Netherlands


“Law and Holism: The Myth of Aggression” – International Legal Conference

Havana, Cuba 


“Human Dignity in the 21st  Century Workplace” – Taught in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka,



“Law and Healing: What about the Community?” – Vancouver, Canada 


“Work in the Post-Market Economy” - International Conference Cape Town. South Africa


“Creating a New Employment Relationship” Constitution-Making Conference sponsored  

by the African National Congress (ANC)  University of the Western Cape, South Africa 


U.S. lectures and workshops by Eric Sirotkin



“Korea: Truth and Reconciliation on the Path to Peace” – Lecture Tour to Temple University,

Philadelphia, Koreatown, Los Angeles, Scripps College, Claremont, UCLA and

the University of Washington, Seattle.

 “Reframing Peace: A New Approach to Peacemaking for the 21st Century” –         

Workshops on the language and power of peacemaking - Oregon and New Mexico

“Peace through Truth and Reconciliation” Keynote Speaker, World Peace Day,  Ashland, Oregon

 “Ubuntu, Justice and Truth in South Africa: the Truth and Reconciliation

            Commission Hearings”

            Atlanta, Denver, Detroit, Minneapolis, Austin,

“ Peacemaking and North Korea” - University of Arizona Tucson, Arizona


 “North Korea: Why the War Continues"  - Birmingham, Alabama


 “Lessons from Korea: A Day of Peacemaking and Constructive Dialogue”

             Santa Fe, New Mexico


 “Truth and Justice in South Africa; Bringing it Home” – New York City, West Virginia University


“Obstacles to Peace” Ashland, Oregon


 “Peace in Korea: The Forgotten War Remembered" - Dallas Texas - Veterans      

 for Peace National Convention


 “Possibilities for Peace on the Korean Peninsula” - a National Endowment for the Arts Dialogue­

 with Eric Sirotkin, Sig Hecker, and John Feffer -   Albuquerque, New Mexico


“North Korea and Peace” – New Mexico Peace Initiative – Santa Fe, NM


 “Korea: From Demons to Dialogue” - Evergreen College, Olympia, Washington

“Truth and Reconciliation in Korea”  Temple University School of Law, Gonzaga School of Law, Spokane, WA

“Truth and Reconciliation in Korea” University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee    Contemporary Korea Class 

“The Right to Peace in Korea:   Moving from Truth to  Reconciliation”  University of Minnesota  Minneapolis , MN


“South Africa:  A Long Walt to Freedom” - Lecture broadcast to  all four campuses of Milwaukee Area Technical College 

“Peacemaking in Korea” - UCLA Asian Studies Los Angeles, CA  

“Peacemaking in Korea”   Korean Cultural Center in Koreatown   Los Angeles, CA

Law and Social Justice

“International Human Rights Lawyering in the 21st Century” Lectures at UCLA and Loyola Law Schools

“The Living Constitution: Participating in Democracy” - Lectures to Middle and High

 Schools New Mexico

“Restorative Justice: Re-evaluating the Adversarial Process” – Facilitated and designed

symposium of lawyers, judges and mediators. Santa Fe, New Mexico

“Lawyering for Reconciliation” - Washington DC, University of Oregon, Lewis and Clark University

and Oregon State University

“Civil Rights During Wartime” – Albuquerque, New Mexico

“Changing our World through Practicing Law with Heart” – International Conference,  Chicago, Illinois

 “The Road to Human Dignity” – Keynote Address City of Albuquerque Human  Rights Day

“Re-engineering Lawyering: Lessons from South African” ABA Keynote address   

 Albuquerque, New Mexico

 “Justice and Truth in the 21stCentury” – Miami, Florida

 “Being an International Human Rights Lawyer” Lewis and Clark University,

            Portland Oregon

 “Enhanced Professionalism through Connecting with your Client”

 Black Lawyers Association – Albuquerque, New Mexico

 “Civil Resistance and the Ethics of Law” - El Paso, Texas and Albuquerque,New Mexico

“Teaching Law in High Schools” – Albuquerque Public Schools

“Proving Emotional Distress Damages” -Albuquerque, New Mexico

“Moving from Practice to Active” – Arizona State University Scottsdale, Arizona

“Lawyers : Holding that Healing Space with Clients”  Bedford, New Hampshire


“Ancient Lawyering/Ancient Wisdom: Using the Chinese Five Elements in the Practice of  Law”

Santa Fe, New Mexico 

“Law, Conflict and the Empathic Civilization” Temple University School of Law   Philadelphia

“Lawyer Charged with Committing Poetry: An evening of  freedom tales, slam poetry and an epic journey

 of film and folly”  - One man show with Eric Sirotkin St. Paul, MN, Milwaukee, WI, Detroit MI, Ashland, OR,

Bowery Poetry Club New York, NY,  Chicago, IL, Madison, WI, Philadelphia, PA  


“ Lawyering for Human Rights  in the 21st Century: Journey from Soweto to Pyongyang”-

University of Wisconsin Law School   Madison, WI


“International Human Rights Lawyering in the 21st Century: Journey   from Soweto to Pyongyang”    

 Marquette University School of Law  


“International Human Rights Lawyering in the 21st Century: Journey from Soweto to Pyongyang” 

Chicago-Kent Law School 


“International Human Rights Lawyering in the  21st Century: Journey from Soweto to Pyongyang”

John Marshall  Law School


Luncheon Roundtable with Eric Sirotkin on Progressive Lawyering - University of  Wisconsin Madison School of Law. 


“International Human Rights Lawyering in the 21st Century: Journey from Soweto to  Pyongyang”

University of Detroit School of Law  


“International Human Rights Lawyering in the 21st Century: Journey from Soweto to Pyongyang” 

Wayne State University School of Law  Detroit, MI 

“ Lawyering for Human Rights in the 21st Century: Journey from Soweto to Pyongyang”

Temple University School of Law and Villanova University Law School  Philadelphia, Pa     


“ Lawyering for Human Rights  in the 21st Century:  Journey from Soweto to Pyongyang” 

University of Oregon Eugene, Oregon

“ Lawyering for Human Rights  in the 21st Century: Journey from Soweto to Pyongyang” UCLA  School of Law

 and Loyola School of Law, Los Angeles, CA

“ Lawyering for Human Rights  in the 21st Century: Journey from Soweto to Pyongyang” NYU Law School 

 New York City, NY

Activism: On Being an Active Witness

“Be the Change you want to See: Participating as Citizens” –University High School, Davie Florida


“Filmmaking for Social Change” – Rollins College Orlando, Florida


“WORD! Poetry as Social Activism”  Woodland Pattern Book Center  Milwaukee, WI  

Workplace and Human Resources


 “Knowing Your Rights in the Workplace” -Albuquerque, New Mexico

 “Death from Overwork: Making the Workplace Safer and Saner” –  Albuquerque, New Mexico


 “Employment Law for Non-Profits: Resolving Conflict Creatively” Albuquerque, New Mexico


 “Fundamentals of Employment Law” –Farmington New Mexico

“Why Employees Sue: Dispelling the Myths” Albuquerque, New Mexico

“Sexual Harassment: Its about our Humanity” – Federal Government Training  Kansas City, Kansas

 “Personal Liability as a Manager” -Albuquerque, New Mexico

“Race and You”  - University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico

“ADR and Resolving Disputes Creatively” – Albuquerque, New Mexico

“Managing Human Resources in the New Millennium” -Albuquerque, New Mexico

“Current issues in Civil Rights, Employment Issues and Affirmative Action” - 

 Albuquerque, New Mexico

“Managing Managers” –Human Resources Training Albuquerque, New Mexico


“Human Dignity in the Workplace”  Intro to Sociology Milwaukee Area Technical  College - Mequon campus