2018 Speaker Program 

Schools, conventions or workshops


Eric  uses storytelling, film, poetry, and images  to inspire us

to be the change we want to see.













On Being an Active Witness: Choosing a New Path for Activism

• Moving from Survival to Thriving in the 21st Century Workplace

• Re-visioning Conflict: Shifting Attitudes/Shifting Results

• Ubuntu: The Essence of Being Human

• Peacebuilding: How to Have Peace in Korea - It's Not Rocket Science

• Surviving and Thriving in the Legal Profession:  Non-Violent Advocacy

The Buzz

“Eric’s motivation and passion for international human rights is truly inspirational.  Eric's amazing life experiences and his stories about his international peacemaking work act as a wake up call for any law student who has forgotten why she wanted to become a lawyer in the first place.”  


 J.N.   Villanova Law Student

“In a system that is riddled with conflict, Eric spoke to us about being the kind of lawyers that try to minimize the toxicity and conflict instead of adding to it. 

Jordan Willison, CU Law 3L. 


It was extremely refreshing to have such a successful and accomplished lawyer address students from the perspective that promoting peace and social justice is a  successful, and attainable, legal career. Eric was able to show us real world opportunities for this type of work along with how we can be proactive now, as law students.”


 Domi DiNallo,  CU Law 2L. 


“Fascinating to think about new perspectives on creating peace....”  

“Informative and interesting.” 

“Extremely eye-opening,” 


 Philadelphia Law Students



"Eric's presentation showed us that you don't need to work for a big International NGO to make an impact on international human rights.  Eric's work toward peace in South Africa and Korea provides an inspiring example to law students." 


L.E.   UCLA Law Student


“We were thrilled to have you and a lot of interest was generated. It's hard to find lawyers as motivated, inspirational and original as you!” 


L.T.  Temple Law Student


“Highest Recommendation! Mr. Sirotkin shared his story, especially about his work with reconciliation.  His knowledge and personal experience brought our studies to life.  Eric was very professional, yet able to address questions with age-appropriate responses.  The class period seemed to go way too quickly. I and my students were very impressed.”   


Erin Hefty

Whitefish Bay Middle School


“I learned a lot about the relationship between being a good person and making legal advances for issues you care about and how being mindful of both can prevent burnout. Seeing a lawyer with as much passion for public service now as they had at the beginning of their career was inspirational and life-affirming.”


 Dana Steiner, CU Law, 1L 

“The time you spent here visiting class after class was exciting and informative for students, faculty and administration. The gift of knowledge you shared will remain with our students long after they leave our doors.”  


Dr. Marjorie Chiarolanzio 

University High School

Nova Southeastern University

"Eric always received glowing reports from those who attended his lectures.  I have also heard him speak on several occasions. Eric is an outstanding communicator and teacher and is able to reach out to diverse groups to stimulate discussion. He served as a Keynote Speaker for the City’s Human Rights Day events, and was himself a recipient of the distinguished City of Human Rights Award." 


Frank Miranda


Albuquerque Human Rights Office