When Will We Ever Learn

Violence has been haunting Albuquerque for a long time. From the days when my boys dodged bullets and my van came home with a bullet hole in it, to the police shootings and the pain of a video store slaughter. But it has gotten worse and now I cring at the pain families feel with victims and perpetrators alike. There is no easy solution for the hundreds of thousands who die each year in America from gun violence, but the answer can't be more guns. In fact the focus needs to be less about the guns and more about our loss of community, family and the decay of our mental health system. I have clients who are protesters that have been assaulted by guns and another that got locked up because of his manic state where jail guards beat him and broke his arm. It's as if we need some ombudsman for the planet where they can help us reconcile, expand our compassion and work tirelessly to lift all boats. No wait. We have attorney generals and government officials who should be leading in this fashion. Perhaps the battle that "generals" are bred in is not what we need. It's why a Department of Peace was so revolutionary and why we must all step forward and be the world we want to see. Is there any greater role for us as humans than to open our hearts and create love incarnate. It's seems so far away in these times, but if I close my eyes, feel my feet on the ground, I can feel her breathing...so close. It is not the time for dispair but to take action everyday in all our relations - with strangers, our loved ones and the world around us. 

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