Letter to Editor on Syria

Your editors claim that the Syria bombing was "an appropriate response" and that "Trump had the authority" is not only archaic, but advocates ignoring the US Constitution. Bombing another country that has not attacked us is illegal. Plain and simple. We can't preach the rule of law and systems of criminal order and then bomb the hell out of people. Congress could not even approve it because our constitution says treaties are "the supreme law of the land," and the UN Charter, a treaty ratified by the U.S. Senate (95-1) says that you can't invade another country unless it has attacked you or in imminent self defense and the U.S. Senate agreed to the requirement that we cannot invade, attack or bomb without UN Security Council permission. Gripe all you want about the United Nations but its stated goal was to end the scourge of War, and the war dogs may have buyes remorse but we signed up for the ride. Therefore, the bombing not only violates much maligned international law, but is violation of the U.S. Constitution Suoremecy Clause. To have bombed is a war crime. Our sad hypocritical legacy.

Talk and creative diplomacy, even with those in which we have profound differences is all we have as human beings to maintain our dignity and to model something greater. THis ain't your papa's world. We must join the international criminal court and stop treating human rights violations as acts of war and treat them as criminal conduct. Syria is like most countries - not going to bend to the will of brute military force. It remains an antiquated way to resolve conflict. It creates angry family members whose loved ones die in the attacks and increases the cycle of violence and martydom. Are we not by now more creative? From 911 to today we have failed to heed the call to support and enhance the rule of law and have been dupoed into endless costly war and I weep in hearing the cries of the children left in its wake.

Eric Sirotkin, Esq.

Albuquerque attorney

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