Eric Sirotkin’s WITNESS speaks to something innate in each of us: the desire to feel connected to those around us and live from our highest potential as human beings. This was brought home in Sirotkin’s first meeting with Archbishop Desmond Tutu in South Africa, while Sirotkin co-chaired the International Monitoring Project of the South Africa Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Tutu smiled as he told the author, “We are human through our relations with others. If I undermine your humanity, I dehumanize myself. This is ubuntu.” 

As an activist litigator for social causes in America, Sirotkin engaged in the “good fight,” but felt something missing. Learning to actively live and work from ubuntu became a roar of awakening to a journey from litigation to liberation. Witness is filled with profound moments of compassion and quiet heroism from world famous activists and un-known women and men whose lives will inspire you to be the change the world needs, now more than ever.

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